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Boutique in a large family

It started with Salesrecruiters in 2007, the sister company Marketingrecruiters was added in 2022, and the youngest member of the Home of Recruitment family is Interimrecruiters. Each with its own subculture that fits seamlessly with the target group that needs to be taken care of. Each with specific knowledge of its own market. But with shared values ​​such as passion, results-oriented, integrity and commitment.

Interimrecruiters is the talented and ambitious youngest sister. She doesn’t necessarily have to become the biggest in her segment, just the most loved. By clients and Interim Professionals. A Boutique where people feel at home, with a passion for quality and connection. A Boutique that is led by highly experienced professionals in the field of Interim Professionals mediation and is part of a robust organization where knowledge, processes and stability are guaranteed.

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